Can I diet with two protein shakes and one meal per day?


Thanks for contacting us. Yes, you could have 2 protein shakes and 1-large food meal – IF – you have the correct ingredients in the traditional food meal and shakes  (mindful shakes are foods). A good healthy high protein shake should contain other ingredients such as a few good carbs  (depending on calorie allotment) and dietary fats like all ours do  Additionally, you can add fruits, milk, natural juices, etc. to shake mixes making them a great meal. Just make sure your 1 traditional food meal contains at least half the amount of your allowed daily caloric intake containing healthy lean proteins, fats and carbohydrates including fruits and/or vegetables (unless you put the fruits and vegies in shakes). Make sure you go to our recipe section and click on the protein mixes you are now using for some great recipes including for our Unflavored proteins and use in cooking
If for any reason you choose not to use the dotFIT program to create personalized menus, click this link for a simple ready to go solution including sample menus with proper calories, foods and meal replacement diet integration.

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