I have a client who has difficulty processing protein. Should I give her more or less protein? Is there a specific amount per kg of body weight?


Thanks for the question. Tough to answer without more information. We like most healthy exercisers to have a total (from diet and supplement as necessary) of 1gm/LB of lean body mass per day of protein split between 3-5 meals (including a shake before and after the workout). Therefore first, if she has a medical condition causing her to not digest and absorb protein properly, then whatever you do, you must have her consult with her doctor/dietician. If this is an ongoing difficult situation, and she hasn’t consulted a dietician/doctor about this, then she should.
If it’s only her feeling uncomfortable when she consumes protein with no known clinical reason, she can try adding the dotFIT Digestive Enzyme formula before each of 3 daily meals. If after 30 days of use, there’s no difference, it may be something else and therefore she may try altering her dietary protein sources (e.g. fish poultry, beef, soy, etc.) till she finds ones she feels regularly comfortable with. She may also be more comfortable adding one of our different protein powders to shore up her daily needs. All except the Best Plant Protein are whey protein sources so she can try any of those and see how they make her feel (if she knows she can’t have dairy proteins just go straight to our vegan protein (Best Plant Protein).
Finally, if nothing is clinically wrong and she simply can’t consume enough complete protein from food and supplements, then add 1-scoop AminoFormula before and  one after the workout on workout days, and 1-scoop twice daily between meals on non-workout days. This formula mimics the muscle protein synthesis (MPS) actions of protein (see note below).   
Hope this helps. Have a great day.

AminoFormula (AB) serves to enhance the MPS process beyond whole protein alone or serve as a low calorie, high anabolic extra source of protein. 1-scoop of AB, which can be counted as ~25gms that you could add as part of your 1gm/LB/lean body mass(LBM)/day of protein needs although active strength/performance athletes still maintain the 1gm/LB/LBM/D of whole protein sources in order to complete the synthesis process. No matter how much AB you may use daily, you should still maintain complete protein needs.

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