I'm wondering how much iron is too much iron? I've had my DNA analyzed and it turns out I might have hemochromatosis. I still need to see a doc. to confirm, however. I was considering the vegan MV, but I tend to eat about 2 1/2 cups of spinach and 2 1/2 cups of chopped broccoli per day. I weigh 142 lbs and am male. ould it be wise to refrain from taking a multivitamin that contains iron?


Thanks for the questions. Immediate answer (until your doctor confirms this potential iron overload condition), is do not use any supplements that contain iron, but not because of diet, because of the possibility of hemochromatosis. In fact if it turns out to be true, you may have to significantly alter your diet. You are correct to see a doctor because “DNA testing” may lead you to a false positive. Your doctor may start by asking about symptoms and family history, which may or may not lead to next steps of giving you specific blood tests and if necessary add liver function/biopsy tests and maybe even an MRI.

If and once you’ve been cleared and you consume a vegan diet, the dotFIT VeganMV will be a good compliment since it’s designed for common shortcomings of plant-based diets.

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